Aligning people with the business goal is crucial. Setting up a business goal (the mission and vision statement) is the first step to a successful business. “The vision should motivate the team to make a difference and be part of something bigger than themselves.” 🎯

When a leader invites people to join their cause, they’re inviting them to belong to a community, “Start with Why❓” your purpose for existing. A business’s mission statement can not be limited to earning more profits or getting more sales.

By giving your employees goals that align with the company’s performance or long-term goals, you enable them to visualize the way they contribute to the larger picture.

As a leader, it’s critical to help your people envision their roles and responsibilities before initiating the pursuit of a goal. The best way to maximize performance in your organization is to create a sense of connectedness around a common goal.

The sense of being connected to others is one of the core psychological needs of individuals and is linked to higher levels of motivation and engagement.

Once they know what they are working for, once they know what problem they are trying to solve, the need of micromanagement, scrutiny and regular motivation speeches gets eliminated.

Employees get a sense of how their contributions are building toward team and organizational goals.🤔

You need to let them know how they’ll grow if the organization grows. It’s easy for an employee to feel lost and become disengaged when they don’t understand where they fit in the organizational hierarchy. But when their goals are aligned with those of the company, they see the impact of their actions. It gives everyone a role to play and promotes accountability while providing natural points for recognition and celebration of good work.

Research by LSA Global found that highly aligned companies grow revenue 58% faster, are 72% more profitable, and outperform unaligned peers in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and retainment, and leadership.

Disengaged employees 😩 are unmotivated employees. They don’t feel connected to the mission of the business because they can’t see how what they do impacts the mission of the business. Thus, they are more of a liability to the organization. And if the employees are finding it difficult to get themselves aligned with the business goal then maybe they’re in a wrong organization.

Inviting leaders to share their experiences and challenges they faced while setting up the goals. 💭

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